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Monday, February 21, 2011


Dear Teachers and passionate practitioners of education:

Here we are! After a wonderful weekend sharing ideas, beliefs, best practices, jokes and feelings we are starting this blog. As we said, we hope this is a beginning, it depends on you to carry this on.We hope that it will allow us to keep on working together in collaboration to achieve our ultimate goal: EDUCATE 21ST CENTURY LEARNERS AND BECOME BETTER, MORE COLLABORATIVE, TEACHERS AND COLLEAGUES.

Goals and expectations are not the same, so we are welcoming any comments that you might post in our blog so as to help us all improve and reach our potentials.

We want to say thank you once more, since we got home and read all the wonderful evaluations you wrote for us. It was a pleasure to get to meet you all, and let's stay in touch through this blog!


Mike and Vicky

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