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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recipes of a good Teacher...through the eyes of the uruguayan teachers...

     It was interesting to see what everyone brought to the recipe! This exercise would make a good warm up at the beginning of the school year. You could ask your students to come up with the recipe of a good Teacher, and also to come up with the recipe of a good student. It's a great ice-breaker to also match Student-Teacher expectations!

Here goes one recipe...We'll keep them coming!
To be a good Teacher you need the following ingredients:

Patience, Tolerance, Responsibility, Knowledge, Love, Respect, Humour,
Open mindedness, Imagination, Students, Dedication and Vocation.

Procedure: Put vocation,knowledge  and responsibility together. Then add the students. After that mix patience, a teaspoon of humor mixed with a cup of tolerance, and 500grams of imagination. Then in another bowl mix softly a lot of love, lots of respect and dedication. Leave the concoctions rest for a while. Finally combine the mixtures with a cup of dedication and vocation and you'll have a good Teacher!

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