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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Page on the blog! Una nueva pagina en el blog!

As we are learning new things about blogging, we just started a new page on the blog. Click on the upper right corner " Knowledge Society: Where are we? Where are we going?" and visit it. You'll be surprised by the video we just posted! As of now, we'll be posting technology breakthroughs and interesting topics that might interest us. Also, we decided to begin a bilingual blog in order to be inclusive, so as you see, we'll be posting our comments in Spanish,too.

Vamos aprendiendo a utilizar el blog y acabamos de crear una nueva pagina. Haz "click" en la esquina superior derecha, donde dice " Knowledge Society: Where are we? Where are we going? y visitala. Te vas a sorprender con el video que colgamos recien! Desde ahora, vamos a colgar videos sobre avances tecnologicos y otros temas que nos interesen. Tambien decidimos comenzar a escribir un blog bilingüe para fomentar la inclusion, como veran, nuestros comentarios tambien seran publicados en Español.

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