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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Web 2.0 tools...Check WORDLE out!

This picture was taken from

All you have to do is click on "Create."
Type the words you'd like to include in your wordle and have fun randomizing them!
You could type five words or 100 words. It doesn't need to be as complex as the one you are looking at.
It could be used as a prompt to have your students writing a story from the word list, or even just a sentence they need to put in order.Each of them could type them in their XO laptops and play with them.It's a puzzle, it's language, it's fun!
Play/experiment with it!

Lo unico que hay que hacer es "click" en "Create". Escribe todas las palabras que quieras incluir en tu wordle y divertite haciendo click en "randomize". Puedes incluir tan solo 5 o 100 palabras (deja un espacio entre ellas). No necesita ser tan complejo como el de la foto. Esta herramienta puede utilizarse como actividad disparadora en la que tus estudiantes pueden escribir una historia a partir de las palabras que aparecen en el Wordle, o tan solo una oracion para que ellos pongan en orden. Cada uno de ellos puede crear el suyo en su laptop XO y jugar con ellos. Es un puzzle, es practicar el lenguage y tambien es divertido!
Jueguen y experimenten con ella!

New Page on the blog! Una nueva pagina en el blog!

As we are learning new things about blogging, we just started a new page on the blog. Click on the upper right corner " Knowledge Society: Where are we? Where are we going?" and visit it. You'll be surprised by the video we just posted! As of now, we'll be posting technology breakthroughs and interesting topics that might interest us. Also, we decided to begin a bilingual blog in order to be inclusive, so as you see, we'll be posting our comments in Spanish,too.

Vamos aprendiendo a utilizar el blog y acabamos de crear una nueva pagina. Haz "click" en la esquina superior derecha, donde dice " Knowledge Society: Where are we? Where are we going? y visitala. Te vas a sorprender con el video que colgamos recien! Desde ahora, vamos a colgar videos sobre avances tecnologicos y otros temas que nos interesen. Tambien decidimos comenzar a escribir un blog bilingüe para fomentar la inclusion, como veran, nuestros comentarios tambien seran publicados en Español.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recipes of a good Teacher...through the eyes of the uruguayan teachers...

     It was interesting to see what everyone brought to the recipe! This exercise would make a good warm up at the beginning of the school year. You could ask your students to come up with the recipe of a good Teacher, and also to come up with the recipe of a good student. It's a great ice-breaker to also match Student-Teacher expectations!

Here goes one recipe...We'll keep them coming!
To be a good Teacher you need the following ingredients:

Patience, Tolerance, Responsibility, Knowledge, Love, Respect, Humour,
Open mindedness, Imagination, Students, Dedication and Vocation.

Procedure: Put vocation,knowledge  and responsibility together. Then add the students. After that mix patience, a teaspoon of humor mixed with a cup of tolerance, and 500grams of imagination. Then in another bowl mix softly a lot of love, lots of respect and dedication. Leave the concoctions rest for a while. Finally combine the mixtures with a cup of dedication and vocation and you'll have a good Teacher!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - Did you know the BOOK? English subtitles

Hello friends! Here's a funny video to keep on reflecting on not making things harder than what they need to be. Hope you like it! We'll keep them coming!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ken Robinson: Changing Paradigms (Spanish)


Dear Teachers and passionate practitioners of education:

Here we are! After a wonderful weekend sharing ideas, beliefs, best practices, jokes and feelings we are starting this blog. As we said, we hope this is a beginning, it depends on you to carry this on.We hope that it will allow us to keep on working together in collaboration to achieve our ultimate goal: EDUCATE 21ST CENTURY LEARNERS AND BECOME BETTER, MORE COLLABORATIVE, TEACHERS AND COLLEAGUES.

Goals and expectations are not the same, so we are welcoming any comments that you might post in our blog so as to help us all improve and reach our potentials.

We want to say thank you once more, since we got home and read all the wonderful evaluations you wrote for us. It was a pleasure to get to meet you all, and let's stay in touch through this blog!


Mike and Vicky