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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Word Play and Multiple Recognition Strategies

Hola mis amigos!

  This is a new site for me that I have found "by accident." I was impressed with the (w)holistic way that it really analyzes any word you may choose from so many different perspectives. I believe this gives the learner, and teacher, a real advantage when trying to explain the meaning of a word. This program, while it does cost some money, seems like it may be worth the investment. It will show the student all the synonyms, antonyms, ways to use it in different parts of speech, and all with a graphic organizer that can be changed to specific settings. I have not tried it yet, but it also will accomadate other languages, Spanish included!
  As a teacher, and human being,  I am upset that I even think about spending my own money to purchase this software. As an advocate for better learning and better tools for my students, I think it may be worth it.
   Let me know your thoughts and/or experiences in this realm of thinking, or with the soft ware itself.
Much respect to all my fellow educators!


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