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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

21st Century Learners: Some clues about them.Los alumnos del siglo XXI: algunas pistas sobre ellos.

This video was posted in November, 2007.
It shows a reality that is still relevant. It brings us back to the discussion we had about Digital native students and Digital immigrant teachers, during our Summer Camp. As you might remember, we talked about the differences between the way digital natives prefer to learn, and they way digital immigrants prefer to teach.

Este video fue producido en Noviembre de 2007. Muestra una realidad que aun hoy es relevante. Y nos trae nuevamente a la discusion que tuvo lugar en el Campamento de Verano, cuando planteamos y analizamos las diferencias entre los estudiantes nativos digitales y los docentes inmigrantes digitales. Como probablemente recuerden, hablamos de las diferencias entre la forma en que los nativos digitales prefieren aprender, y la forma en que los inmigrantes digitales prefieren enseñar.

 "Teach me to think," "Whatever, Whenever, Wherever," "Tell me a story digitally," "Engage me, Engage me, Engage me!" These will be some of the things the students will claim for on the video!
We wonder what the teachers would be claiming for: "Training, training, training," "Resources!"  And much more...Post a comment and let us know what you think should follow! What would your sign read? Maybe one day we'll get together again and film that video...
It was written and produced by B.Nesbitt.

"Enseñame a pensar", "Lo que sea, cuando sea, donde sea" (las tres, "contame una histori digital", "involucrame, involucrame, involucrame". Estas son algunas de las cosas que los estudiantes piden en el video. Nos preguntamos a modo de reflexion como seria un video donde los docentes pidan lo que necesitan. Tal vez podria ser asi: " Capacitacion, Capacitacion, Capacitacion", "Recursos", Y mucho mas...Pueden dejar un comentario con lo que ustedes consideren que deberian de pedir los docentes! Que diria tu cartel? Tal vez, en algun momento nos volvamos a juntar y filmemos ese video...
If you are interested in Digital natives and immigrants you visit :
You could download e-books in English from their resources link.
Si te interesa el tema sobre nativos e inmigrantes digitales visita el link de arriba.Podras bajar libros digitales en ingles desde el link de recursos.

It is obvious that many of our students are ready for more relevant and challenging instruction. The question presented in this video is: Are we prepared to teach to a new, multi-lingual (Spanish, English, Digital- Speaking) generation of learners? Let's be World Citizens and empower our students to realize they are a force in the World Community! 


  1. Great video. I´ll watch it before planning every week! Thanks for the materials you are posting, they are relevant, useful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. really, a good video,I hope be able to remember it when I will prepare all my classes